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I've attended the econique's Employee Portal Evolution Masters in Berlin over the last two days. A significant number of experts had gathered to discuss the future and potential of employee portals from multiple angles. Companies like Coca Cola Enterprises, Wells Fargo, ING, Royal Dutch Shell, Citi Group and Verizon shared their solutions and thinking around the subject. I am feeling really lucky that I was able to attend this inspiring session full of energy and excitement.

Furthermore I am feeling confirmed that my professional field is probably the most exciting part of business IT at the moment. Changes in work culture, infrastructure and overall business steering based on the new opportunities are so significant that it might be the start of a complete new era. Being part of this is at least as exciting as having been part of the reshaping forces of the online marketing landscape when search marketing was introduced to Europe.

My key take aways from the two days:

  • We are moving more and more in the direction of a digital identity where intranet and collaboration space will be an integrative part and no longer a separate offering to employees. They will start merging with extranet and internet services and become one unique experience for all stakeholders.
  • For now information broadcasting, social media inspired dialogue and actual productivity services are still treated as silos without the required integration that would add the real value to the approach – however, it's on pretty much everyone's agenda that this is going to change sooner or later.
  • Large corporations start taking user experience and a forward looking approach towards employee services seriously and have installed functions that govern the initiatives and ensure a consistent concept and solution.
Can't wait to meet everyone again in 2012 🙂

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