#Salesforce to Lure #Enterprise into #Social Collaboration (via mashable.com)

I seriously doubt that salesforce, Yammer or socialcast.com will be the winners in the enterprise 2.0 battle. Simply because it isn't a platform thing. Yes, viral effects will create a visible and reportable user volume. It will be a matter 'owning the figures means owning the success' because the actual effect on communincation efficiency, productivity and essential business impact will not be the focus for now. But introducing employees to Facebook style platforms assuming that (because 600m are on FB anyway) they will be adapting to this new style of communication and information management is a major mistake. It requires a certain amount of change Рin particular culturally. 

Ask yourself the question: if you're blocking Facebook and Twitter from corporate PCs – why would your talent suddenly work based on their principles?


– via Feeddler RSS Reader

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