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Benefits & Metrics

Some utilization statistics:
  • More than 1,000 Project Pages created in that feature’s first six months (these pages have fields for project storytelling and document collections and sharing. They automatically include all team members who have billed to the project, as well as start date, budget, client information, and more.)
  • Over 10,000 wiki pages in the wiki’s first 14 months, on subjects as diverse as presentation guidelines and template to travel and sightseeing tips around the world.
  • More than 55,000 wiki pages as of today — a large number for a 500-person company
  • 95% of employees voluntarily take ownership of their personal pages (which include their personal blog, fields for long and short biographies, status messages, image sharing, and project work reporting)
  • Over 40 special-interest blogs created by teams and individuals, which address company-specific issues such as career growth and office updates, as well as general-interest topics such as social impact, sustainability, and health and wellness projects.
Apart from utilization statistics, IDEO has not formally evaluated the impact of the Tube. Anecdotally, we have seen an increased sense of participation in the greater community, especially among those who are in smaller-sized and isolated offices. The team has seen a great deal of collaboration and sharing of information around areas of passion, such as social impact, particularly in the wiki pages. For example, prior to the Tube, IDEO had many people who were interested in doing meaningful design work in the developing world, but no single office had a critical mass to establish a like-minded community. Through the Tube, a community called “Social Impact” formed and became a major force in shaping this new and increasingly important direction for IDEO. The Tube provided the infrastructure this community needed to organize and support itself from locations around the globe.

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My comment
This article is another indication that’s it not always about pulling out Excel sheets…sometimes common sense will tell us that there IS something in for us and the organization. And w/ rgds to the level of collaboration and efficiency in communications these days the room for improvement is HUGE

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