#michaelfauscette on new #expecations towards #enterprises (repost)

An excellent article on how expectations have changed through the access to user experience excellence in hardware and digital service design. It's definitely a fact that humans will always figure out the easiest way to solve their challenges – by either reaching out to non proprietary systems and software (unconsciously jeopardizing security and privacy policies) or by using 'usable' ;-)) hardware. 

It's underlining the need to benchmark business IT with consumer services (consumerization of business IT) and to understand the digital workplace to be a service towards the users – your employees. Following this approach you're immediately tackling the challenge of change management and adoption rates: if it's easy to use (intuitively in an ideal world) and if it thereby becomes the better alternative to the old way of doing things people will adopt to it. It's by far the best motivation.

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