#clayshirky on #collaboration vs #institutions on #TED.com – in 2005 (b4 #facebook and #twitter, folks!!!)


Clay gets totally excited how easy it was to access information that has been categorized by un-institutionalized users: photos tagged and stored on flickr.com. What's interesting as well is his reference to communication cost, which he states to have gone through the floor… Well, communication in 2010 has turned into the biggest challenge of all. When, how, with whom, about what…

I would love to hear his talk in a 2010 version. One with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube et all dominating the space for decentralized communication and collaboration. In particular because he admits that he doesn't know where this is going in 2005…so great!

And I love the thinking about the programmer that as sucked coke, money and time out of a company and has had only one idea in years. So the "glass is half empty" perspective would be: was he a bad hire? The "glass is half full" question would be: was it a good idea? Love it! 😀

Change Management Benchmark: stay at home moms

Clay is referring to a site called meetup.com and that the #1 group on the "arrange offline meetups" site (hm…what would it be called today??) is the "stay at home moms". And he says "if you wanna know what technologies are going to change the world? Don't pay attention to 13 yr old boys. Pay attention to young mothers. Because they don't have an ounce of support for IT…". Yep. If you have some technology (or a service) with an high adoption rate of people that aren't geeks or super affine to that kind of stuff you must have done something right.

THAT's the benchmark for user experience and desirable IT.

Forming of norms

And you have to stay tuned until he reaches that part…really. It goes hand in hand with previous post on Peter Kruse's interview on how the internet has changed the way opinions are formed and how networks are activated.

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